FKF suspends the Kenyan Premier League: Find out what happens if it doesn’t return

Following the directive to stop all sporting activities in the country by President Kenyatta, FKF has moved to cancel all football leagues in the country.

In an almost identical scenario to what happened last year, the suspension comes at a time when the league is ongoing and may disillusion fans who were keenly following proceedings.

League matches have been played behind closed doors all season and players were tested for COVID 19 before the season began with certain clubs testing their fans regularly in-between.

The ban on sporting activities therefore comes as a shocker to many, but it may have been anticipated with leagues failing to adhere to covid protocols with certain matches having a significant number of attendees in the stands.

he suspension will therefore have a huge impact on players many of whom struggled financially last season with the government even chipping in to pay them their salaries.

With the spike in Covid cases, we may face a scenario where the league may not be able to resume like last season bu unlike last year, this time round, the league would be declared void with no winner as the teams haven’t played atleast half their matches. That would mean Gor Mahia would remain defending champions for another season.

One way out of this however may be through vaccination and should the league manage to vaccinate all their players, they may be able to get it back on.

A cancellation at this stage would prove costly for most clubs with many sponsor generally cautious to spend during such times like it happened last season. FKF’s broadcasting deal may also be at risk with the lack of matches to air.

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